Getting a good start

KickStart can help your child focus

Our certified therapists at Kickstart provide both one-on-one and group attention to children under 18 who struggle with learning and attention. We provide a fun and safe environment for them to grow and learn.

We make it fun so they think that they're playing games the whole time!

Whether you're in Taiwan for a week or two, a month, or all summer, our trained staff can create a specialized program filled with games and exercises to accommodate your schedule and your child’s unique needs.

40 years of profound experience

The power of ocupational therapy

Occupational Therapy is a series of exercises both physical and mental designed to help children who have difficulty with day to day life. Our program focuses on fun activities – what children would view as “playing” – that help children develop the skills they need to adapt and help alleviate their daily challenges.

We believe parents are also the key to a child’s growth.

We invite parents to join and participate. We engage conversations to discuss session plans, session goals, at home activities, child behavior and family interaction to reach a deeper understanding of their child’s need when undergoing sensory integration therapy. We believe taking every step along the way is the best way to accompany a child’s growth. It will not only kick start a beautiful life, but also open new doors to different potentials.
Through the field of professional sensory integration, we proficiently identify learning disorders lead by sensory processing issues. We guide with sincerity and respect to develop children’s learning motivation while overcoming self-sufficiency disorders.

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